Bireswar Sen

Bireshwar Sen, Lucknow, circa 1970
“ What does a Poet or an Artist - really see? Is his vision the same as ours, a matter of fact optical impression of the fleeting moment, or something deeper and different?” -- Bireswar Sen
The landscape artist is a transmute of chaotic Nature into a cosmos of enchanting forms of lofty mountain peaks, deep green valleys, rushing white cascades, cloudy days and rainy night, autumn mornings and summer evenings vibrant with the dance of line and the music of colour. Bireswar Sen was such an artist.
Bireswar Sen, took the eternal Himalayan range of his leit-motif. Since a long time Bireswar Sen had been exclusively a landscape painter. He was a talented colourist like the late Nicholas Roerich. He worked in the media of water colours and pastels with the same ability. He usually painted his miniature landscapes in water colours his bigger ones in pastels.
Bireswar Sen was a miniature painter par excellence, his miniature landscapes are indeed poems in colour. The size of these miniatures is only 2 1/2" x 3 1/2" , and in this limited space he shows us infinite distances as well as lofty Himalayan snow peaks resplendent with the chromatic effects of sunset and sunrise.
When told that he had immortalized the Himalayas in his line and colour, his reply was
" No, you are mistaken, the Himalayas themselves have immortalised me."
On 16 December 1942, Nicholas Reorich wrote from Naggar, his home in India in the Himalayas:
“India should be proud in having such talented artists and cultured workers as Bireswar Sen. The Young generation is greatly indebted to him for his enlightened guidance. Many of the Museums in India possess his paintings. I am delighted to see that his creations are rightly appreciated, because a Great Country should collect and cherish the masterpieces of her boat representatives. I would be glad to hear that some outstanding post is given to Bireswar Sen where he can exercise his brilliant abilities.”