India should be proud in having such talented artists and cultured workers as Bireswar Sen. The Young generation is greatly indebted to him for his enlightened guidance. Many of the Museums in India possess his paintings. I am delighted to see that his creations are rightly appreciated, because a Great Country should collect and cherish the masterpieces of her boat representatives. I would be glad to hear that some outstanding post is given to Bireswar Sen where he can exercise his brilliant abilities.

16. XII. 1942

2 Asutosh Mukherjee Road
6 Dec. 1942

I have been carefully studying the works of Mr. Bireswar Sen and the development of his versatile talents in all phases of Art for a period of over 20 years.

He is the only artist in India who has the highest University educational and he has utilized both his literar, and artistic equipments in studying the history of the growth and decay of the art industries in India, particularly of the United Provinces. And in my opinion, he is eminently qualified to hold the post of the Superintending Craftsman and is capable of giving a correct lead to the development of Art-in-Industry. I have had the opportunity of testing his capacities in this lien and I am convinced that he possesses technical knowledge of the subject of a very high order.

-- O.C. Gangoli
Indian art-critics and Bagiswari Prof. Of Fine Art
Calcutta University

Office of the Principal
Govt. School of Arts & Crafts.
Lucknow, 15 Feb., 1930.

It is superfluous for me to dilate on the fact that Mr. Sen enjoys a deservedly world-wide reputation as an artist and has through knowledge in painting and is specially employed to teach Indian painting and design in my school. I am confident that his technical knowledge and high education will enable him to occupy the most responsible position in any art school in India.

He has struck a new note of his own in Modern Indian Art and it is very difficult to find such a rare combination of an able officer with those of a distinguished artist. His inspiration has been highly fruitful among my students and I wish him every success in all the endeavours.

-- A.K. Haldar