Bireswar Sen's paintings were acquired for the collections of several prominent persons of the day the world over..
  1. Lord Irwin

  2. Lord Hailey

  3. Lord Ronaldshay (Marquess of Zetland)

  4. Lord Carmichael

  5. Sir Harry Haig

  6. Sir Maurice Hallett

  7. Sir Maurice Gwyer

  8. Sir William Vincent

  9. Sir Francis Stewart

  10. Sir Reginald Clarke

  11. Sir Frank Noyce

  12. Sir V.T. Krishnamachari

  13. Mr. T.B.W. Bishop I.C.S.

  14. Anna Pavlova

  15. The Maharajas of Patiala, Mysore, Travancore

  16. King Birendra of Nepal

  17. The Countess of Lytton

  18. The Maharani of Coochbehar

  19. Sir Rabindra Nath Tagore

  20. Sir Dorab Tata

  21. Mr. G.M. Harper, I.C.S.

  22. Mr. N.C. Mehta, I.C.S.

  23. Mr. A.N. Sapru, I.C.S.

  24. Dr. Panna Lal, I.C.S.

  25. Mr. Amarnath Jha

  26. Mr. Justice Varma

  27. The Maharaja of Burdwan

  28. Mr. M.S. Randhawa, I.C.S.

  29. A.G. Shireff, Esq., I.C.S.

  30. R. Dayai, Esq. I.C.S.