Essays by Bireswar Sen
  1. Abanindranath Tagore

  2. Essentials of Art

  3. Mannerism and Tradition

  4. Brassware

  5. Design for Handicrafts

  6. Fons et Urigo

  7. Craft Design

  8. A.B.C. of Pattern Design published by the Department of Industries

  9. Main currents of Modern Indian Painting

  10. Art and Nature

  11. Art of Portrait Painting” (Radio Lecture)

  12. Art without Representation

  13. New Art

  14. Bases of Village Ritual Decoration (published by the Govt. of India) Author of all the articles on art in the Hindi Vishwabharati (Encyclopedia)

  15. Life and work published in the “Studio” (London), “Journal of American Art” (New York), “Modern Review”, “Rupam”, “The Silpi”, etc.